psychological facts about crushes! these are very cute and i thought i'd like to share them with you :) especially to those with someone special in their hearts 🤭

note: i got most of these from youtube channels, such as Psycho Bytes

let's get started!!

1: when you have a crush on someone, your brain overlooks any flaws the person has, causing them to appear perfect in your mind.
-to the point where you think he's the perfect guy...yeah, you're in love. it's the same way the other way around. when the guy see's his girl... she appears as perfect in any way possible. awhh~

2: crushes last about 4 months. after that, it'!
-have you had a crush for longer than 4 months? i haven't...i'd get a crush for about 1 week and then get distracted with some celeb 🤭 probably why i'm still single oop

3: your crush sees you as 20% more attractive than you think you are
-unless he hates you. whiCH I'M SURE HE DOESN'T! he probably likes you back...

4: after learning the name of your crush, you see it everywhere
-this is also called Bader-Meinhof Phenomenon. you just can NOT get his or her name out of your head.

5: want to create an instant link with your crush? say his or her name twice in a conversation.
-you can also ask them to do something for you. surprisingly, it really works. my friends that i have the closest bonds to are people i normally am in group projects with, where we have to ask others to help each other

6: mimicry is a sign of attraction
-mimic their actions and gestures, and you'll bring him closer to youuu

7: pretending not to miss your crush will trick you into missing him/her even more
-honestly, this is so true. it leaves this hole in your heart :(((

8: if you have a crush, it's harder to lie to them
-well, of course, cause why would you lie to someone you've been fantasizing about all day like lol

9: you've probably had an imaginary conversation with your crush at least once
-ahA... but the conversations normally go much better in our minds than in reality :(((

10: having a conversation with your crush improves your mental strength
-so talk to him! there's no need to pull back from someone you are interested in... the more you talk to your crush, the more you guys can bond and actually create a relationship! friends can lead to.... more than friends.

i trulyy hope you enjoyed! if you've been crushing for a while, and you feel good vibes coming from him/her too, make a move! your secret love can never stay secret forever...