i love listening music, especially during long car rides in summer, so, music is very important no matter what you're doing in the car, plane...

get your headphones, put some good songs and enjoy every minutes of it!
so today, i wanted to share with you my travel playlist, especially when you're driving :))

i made a playlist on spotify if you want to listen these songs all summer ! so don't forget to check it : https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0sa8shToGwBKMdqEFOflmd?si=ZRBK1rVDQwaYSyBN8Q7edw

love, couple, and aesthetic image 80's, aesthetic, and eleven image

here is some songs that you can find on my playlist : (with youtube links)

make you mine - public ✧・゚: *
riptide - vance joy ✧・゚: *
happy accidents - kerri ✧・゚: *
talk - khalid ✧・゚: *
bury a friend - billie eilish (obviously) ✧・゚: *
feel something - bea miller ✧・゚: *
elle pleut - nekfeu (it's a french song) ✧・゚: *
love is easy - rex orange county ✧・゚: *
beautiful people - ed sheeran ft. khalid ✧・゚: *
at least i look cool - sasha sloan ✧・゚: *
you were good to me - jeremy zucker fr. chelsea cluter ✧・゚: *

thank u so much for reading up to here ! (if u want to talk about anything, i'm here)
love xoxo