Hi, guys its Kiera_Xtra00. This is an article about always looking put together when you are broke. So everybody wants to look like famous celebs and by reading this you might get closer.

Tip #1
Paint Your Nails Yourself
So lots of famous people always have their nails on point, with no chips. So that's what we need to do. Paint your nails and it will already make you look more put together. Although it wont be as good as getting it done by a salon your saving money.

Tip #2
The One Or The Other Trick
This trick is quite easy to run with, if you are going to wear a loose top, wear it with loose bottoms. And if you wear a tight-fitting top wear it with tight-fitting bottoms.

Tip #3
Don't Over Load Your Look With Jewellery
If you are going to wear jewellery, don't wear to much because it can really clash with your outfit.

So that is all the ways to look put together.
Thank You