full name: Zachary Leonard Sanders
age: 18 years old
birthday: 4 april
gender: male
sexuality: straight
Nationality: american

Zachary, or Zac for friends, as expected is really tall, trait took after both of his parents: Paul and Sasha Sanders.
He goes to the gym, so his body has a really defined shape.
Focusing on his face: he has hazel eyes framed by long dark eyelishes, high cheekbones and thick eyebrows. His hair is really dark, almost black.
He always walks around with a cocky smirk on his face like he is convinced he owns everyone in Manhattan, not entirely wrong since his dad's figure.

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As mentioned before he is really cocky and arrogant, he is one of the popular kids at school. He knows he is good looking and for this he likes to play with girls feelings, but, in his defence, they never learn!
He is loyal to his friends, but he is forced to put family at first place like every other important family in the Upper East Side.
With his group of friends he likes to party and get wasted every night,
with their money they can have all kind of alchool and drugs they want.
He hasn't a good relationship with his family, he is a rebel in his parents' view, every event he is obliged to attend he always tries to stay alone or with his best friend: the only one who truly knows everything in his life.
Zachary is a born leader: he is clever, can take decisions even dangerous situations and very manipulative. He thinks that he took after his dad these traits.
Zac has an addiction to cigarettes.

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Father: Paul Richard Sanders.
He owns a lot of facilities in New York and this is the motivation of his power in the city.
Mother: Sasha Sanders.
An ex russian model, now she is the perfect housewife: she is the key of all the Sanders' secrets.
Brother: Sebastian Laurent Sanders.
He is 20 and attends Yale. Every summer he comes back to Manhattan. The two brothers hate each other.
Both of his parents aren't really interested in Zachary's life, but when he gets in truoble his dad pays for what his son has done. They are mostly interested in maintain the family's figure intact.

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1. He has a lot of friends but he only trusts one.
2. Never been in love.
3. He hates wearing formal clothes.
4. When he gets angry he is really intimidating.
5. Sometimes Zachary suffers from insomnia.

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