Mommy, I'm tired. I'm tired of pretending I figured it out. I'm tired of saying 'I'm okay'. I'm not! I'm not okay and I need help.

I don't even know where I'm going. I'm not sure if can do that. And I can't seem to understand why I have to do every one else is doing. I don't want a car. I don't want a child. How can I raise one when I have no idea what to do with my life.

I had dreams. I was bright back then. Then, why did you all expect me to be someone I'm not? I used to dream big. Now everything doesn't make sense. I don't feel joy in everything I do.

I just want to be happy. Happy. That's all I want. But I can't. I worry. I get scared. I'm afraid if I will fail you. I'm afraid if I'm making any mistake. You expect me to live the same circle everyone else is having. But I don't want. Why can't you let me?

Oh my god, I'm so tired. I'm tired with you. I'm tired with this society.
I just wanna go far away and begin a new life. Away. Away from all your shits.