hi yall! this time I thought I'd write a little bit about the little ecological choices we can all make to protect our precious planet.

tote bags

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I love tote bags! I barely buy plastic shopping bags anymore, I just always have one or two of these with me wherever I go. my personal favourite is one I got from the Van Gogh museum from Amsterdam!

reduce plastic

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I do my best to buy things with as little plastic as possible. A reusable water bottle is an absolute must-have!

thrift clothes and things

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thrift shops are extremely good for not only the environment but your wallet as well! you can find some real treasures.

eat local (and vegetarian)

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local food does wonders for both the environment and your local economy. you should also figure out when everything is in season, so you'll surely get only the best. furthermore, the meat industry can be quite bad for the environment. we don't all have to vegan, but going for the vegetarian option more often wouldn't hurt any of us. when you do your own cooking, try to make enough as to not have to throw food into the trash.

travel locally

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consider spending your next holiday exploring locally. there are surely some very interesting places and things you have yet to find.

eco cosmetics

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try to go for beauty products that promote being ecological!

walk or cycle

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if you can, make your trip by walking or cycling! public transport is alright too.