My body
I used to believe it was just clothing
clothing that I thought could be replaced
with what society believed was “beautiful”

My body
I used to believe it was a men’s place
where they had the right to attack me
with the words they believe were “compliments”

My body
I used to believe it was a horrible painting
where the artist began doing something
and never finished.

Truth is;

My body
is a piece of clothing
that does not have to be replaced,
instead it has to be washed and dried

My body
is not a men’s place
unless I decide it should be that way

My body
is a painting that was beautifully created
and the artist didn’t finish
not because they didn’t want to
but because I have the right to finish off the painting I’ll illustrate to the world.

My body is my piece of imperfect art
and I love it.

~Bibi García

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