I Love You 3000 (by: Stephanie Poetri)

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Beautiful (by: Bazzi ft. Camila Cabello)

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Not Ok (by: Kygo ft. Chelsea Cutler)

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Take My Breath Away (by: Alesso)

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I Don't Even Know You Anymore (by: Netsky, Bazzi, Lil Wayne)

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How Deep is Your Love (by: Calvin Harris, Disciples)

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Love Me Harder (by: Ariana Grande, The Weeknd)

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Run Away With Me (by: Carly Rae Jepsen)

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Hand to Myself (by: Selena Gomez)

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Wake Me Up (by: Avicii)

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Talking Body (by: Tove Lo)

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All That Matters (by: Justin Bieber)

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Ends of the Earth (by: Lord Huron)

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Cool for the Summer (by: Demi Lovato)

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LUV (by: Tory Lanez)

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Love, Come Save Me - Cargo Remix (by: Right Away, Great Captain)

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