Name & title :

backround, color, and blue image aesthetic, daydream, and magic image adventure, aliens, and art image dreamer, dreams, and image image
Syneste (deriving from the word synaísthisi, with the meaning apperception), goddess of daydreaming, imagination, creativity and intuition

Mother :

black and white, photography, and vintage image vintage, book, and indie image feelings, inspiration, and life image Image removed
Mnemosyne, goddess of memory

Father :

Inspiring Image on We Heart It edit, fantasy, and mythology image alternate, Dream, and dreamer image boy, sleep, and vintage image
Hypnos, god/personification of sleep and dreams

Older brother :

greek mythology image stars and blue image backround, colorfull, and colors image aesthetic, cool, and Dream image
Morpheus, god of dreams

Older half-sisters :

aesthetic, beauty, and books image ancient, beautiful, and eros image ballet, dance, and ballerina image acting, actor, and actress image
The Nine Muses

Appearance :

apple, black dress, and grunge image aesthetic, glitters, and grey eyes image makeup, eyes, and eye image blonde, flowers, and hair image
pale skin, greyish blue dreamy eyes, long, curly, cloud-like wheat blond hair

Style :

dress, tunic, and spartacus image ancient, beautiful, and bridesmaid image aesthetic, flowers in hair, and flowers image Image by uwaysa
long wavy skirts, pastel colours, flowers used as jewelry/decoration

Superpowers :

美少女, 日本, and サブカル image foggy, japanese, and girl image
nature, photo, and freedom image
transparency, appearing in the mortals' dreams to spread important messages and share advices

Personality :

autumn, cold, and cozy image Image removed
blue, colo, and green image
Syneste often seems absent-minded and when talking, her speech is slow and disconnected, but she is distracted because she's constantly inducing new conclusions and problem solutions leaning on her senses and emotions. She prefers intuition over rationality and logic, which makes her helpful in her unique way, she is kind, generous and compassionate. She is gentle, adores art and nature. Yet, she is disgusted by conventional behaviour and unoriginality, which makes her kind of rebellious towards the community of other deities.

Residence :

nature, popular, and travel image freedom, girl, and inspiration image
she is often roaming around and constantly changing her destination, but she always settles herself far away from Olympus, where she was not well accepted by most of the other gods due to being considered "strange".

Friends :

aesthetic, icy, and clouds image sky, aesthetic, and sea image sky, yellow, and clouds image cloud, dusk, and stunning image
Nepheli, goddess of clouds
nature, art, and grunge image art, nymph, and painting image Abusive image fairy tale, movie stills, and Soviet Union image
The Nymphs, divine spirits connected to nature
Inspiring Image on We Heart It apollo, art, and gold image arrow, aesthetic, and archery image health, ayurveda, and alternative medicine image
Apollo, god of light, music, poetry, archery and medicine

Lover :

angel, wings, and sculpture image black, people, and tumblr image Inspiring Image on We Heart It demon image
Epiales, god of nightmares. Although they might seem incompatible at first sight, they are connected by their divergence among other deities and Syneste is able to to wake the weak point in Epiales' heart.