Hi guys!

So it has been a while since I last uploaded but I was on a holiday. This however inspired me to write this article as I will list a couple of countries I want to travel to and explain why.

So on the top of my list is Los Angeles.

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for some reason I have always been attracted to this city. Ever since I learned about it in high school it took my interest. The nature is beautiful from what I have seen, the weather is pretty warm compared to where I live and the people seem so free and yet so hard working. And I would love to expxlore the nature, city and culture there.

The next stop would be New York.

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I would like to travel in winter around Christmas because the city will be snowy and full off Christmas lights. Besides the snowy weather and Christmas lights there will be a lot of Christmas trees and I would love to see all the buildings. Basically I would love to explore this city in winter time and yes I know I might have watched to much home alone (a Christmas movie for those who do not know) but it is worth a shot to explore on my own and see if there are as much Christmas trees and lights.

To tell you the truth after Los Angeles and New York I would probably road trip in North America and just see where I'll end up.

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Just stepping into a car and drive all day and night untill the next stop. Not knowing where you'll go but are enjoying every moment of it. Together with friends or family (if you are that close to them). Music on, windows down and food beyond your hunger. Nothing seems better than that. I have been interested in America for a long while so I would like to explore every town and every place. So roadtripping through North America is defenitly on my list.

Canada is also on the list.

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I would love to go to Canada and see the Northern Light. The nature is so beautiful and going camping in Canada is a dream of mine. Sleeping outside, getting one with nature and maybe catch a glimps of the Northern Light.

After Canada comes Brazil.

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I would love to visit Brazil because of the culture. It is so different to what we have here and it interests me. Besides the culture that interests me I like to see the nature they have. I would like to see the most touristic places but also discover the most hidden places.

When I crossed Brazil of the list I would like to just do a roadtrip through South America.

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I would love to see all the countries in South America but I do not have to stay that long in all of them. So a roadtrip is the best option for this. You can come and go whenever you want and you still visit all the places you want. I get to see the culture, lifestyle and nature in South America and that is all I need.

So I will make a next part as this is already quite a bit to read. These are the parts of America that I wanted to see. The next part will be about Europe. The last part will be about Asia and Africa