1. A Netflix Tv show you like

aesthetic, arcade, and 80s image aesthetic image grunge, shoes, and alternative image aesthetic, upside down, and aes image
Stranger things

2. A Tv show you like (Not from Netflix)

winter, animal, and nature image hair, aesthetic, and beauty image dragon image game of thrones and jon snow image
Game of thrones

3. An history-based tv show

pastel, pink, and vintage image Image by Christina Lovess Jesus ❤ eyes, aesthetic, and eye image vampire, victorian, and gothic image

4. An anime

detective conan and anime image 90s, aesthetic, and indie image girl, detective conan, and shinichi kudo image aesthetic, anime, and cartoon image
Detective Conan

5. A funny tv show

david nolan, sheriff, and emma swan image aesthetic and yellow image Brooklyn, subway, and black image aesthetic, blue, and shirt image
Brooklyn nine-nine

6. A fantasy tv show

hair, ginger, and girl image gotico, izzy, and shadowhunters image girl, shadowhunters, and black hair image aesthetic, aesthetics, and fangs image

7. A tv show in wish you would live

f(x), krystal, and soojung image aesthetic, loona, and love4eva image forest, tree, and nature image aesthetic, alternative, and moon image

8.A Tv show that reminds you of your childhood

simpsons, bart, and the simpsons image eeuu, florida, and park image 90's, alternative, and simpsons image cemetery, simpsons, and the simpsons image
The simpson

9. Last Tv show you watched

Inspiring Image on We Heart It army, military, and soldier image money, dollar, and rich image la casa de papel, netflix, and money image
La Casa De Papel