Yo <3
i'm really happy i've got a new pc with me and having a lot of free time allows me to post more daily, so i wanted to write something with my new pc on here and i 'd like to write a bit more about me. I have seen many accs writing articles about this topic, and idk who started it but let's go.
I get inspired by this one.

1. Who are you
my name is Marta, i'm 17 y.o, i'm from Spain, i do not know what to write i'm just a white basic girl without talent ;D (yes the girl in my profile is me)

2. Where do i live
in my house (damn, i said it)

luxury, pink, and house image

3. What do i do
i'm highschool student, but currently i'm on vacation. In 1 month and some days i'll start my last year in the highschool so yeah i'm nervous and i'm gonna be reading 10934 tips on this app about how to study well and be constant and not to procastinate :,)

study, coffee, and laptop image

4. Hobbies
K, as i said before i've got a lot of free time and it's kinda sarcastic because i don't know what to do with so much time. These days i've been doing yoga, trying to draw better, creating beats, hanging out, checking out YT, improving my english and korean...(no, my english level is not the same as my korean level, i wish) and that's what im gonna be doing untill august came because that month i´ll be out with friends. Okay, sorry, i wrote too much.

5. Passion
it's sad maybe but i don´t know well which is my passion yet. I mean i can enjoy doing a lot of things but i think i didn't find nothing called passion. I love listening to music, doing beats, dancing, take photos with my friends and a bunch of things more.

bike, friends, and summer image

6. Goals
my main goal right now is to end my highschool well with good grades and to enter in an university to study japanese or some major about translation and interpretation.

7. What's your dream/s
Yes, i did a completely extra ask, because i can.
And one of my dreams right now is to go to Lana Del Rey's concert, i've been being fan of her since 2013 and never had the opportunity to asisst to one of her concert. My another dream is to go to Japan and Corea as well but it's like wow very common maybe haha but yeah

lana del rey, vintage, and milkshake image

see u ma frens ☁️