Aracne was the daughter of Idmone a clairvoyant and She lived in Lidia, in Colofone's city.

Aracne was a girl who was knowing for her ability of weaving.

She was very proud of her talent, her works were very beautiful, delicate and the people, from every part of the reign, went to Colofone's city for admiring them.

Aracne was aware about her skills, in fact a day She said that even the goddess Athene, able weave like her, could not do better than her and Aracne challenged the goddess in a public competition.

Athene who came to know about the challange become so angry with Aracne and went to her for convincing her to retire that challange and asked her to accept to be the best weaver just among people.

Aracne was inflexible.

That's why Athene accepted the challage and both began to weaving.

Just when their work were completed , Athene recognized the talent of her rival but She didn't accept the defeat, so Athene grabbed Aracne's work and destroyed it.

Aracne was shocked for Athene's reaction and She ran away.

She wanted to commit suicide on a tree but Athene thought about a more cruel punishment.

The goddess condemned Aracne to weaving for the rest of her life and to swinging on that tree where She wanted to suicide , but Aracne would never be able to weaving from her hands anymore, but just from her mouth because the goddess transformed her in a giant spider.

Abusive image
Arancne by Gustav Doré for the "Purgatory" by Dante Alighieri.

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