hey guys! i hope you all have been having an amazing summer so far. if you're looking for new trendy outfits to try out this summer, then you've come to the right article!

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♡♡ without further ado, here is a cute summery trend to try based on your zodiac sign! ♡♡

aries - long flowy maxi skirts
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(aries traits: bold, courageous & determined)
taurus - chic silky clothing
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(taurus traits: reliable, patient & practical)
gemini - animal print mini dresses
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(gemini traits: gentle, affectionate & curious)
cancer - one shoulder top
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(cancer traits: loyal & highly imaginative)
leo - colorful shoes
nike, shoes, and sneakers image blue, cool, and socks image green, shoes, and aesthetic image shoes, sneakers, and vans image nails, fashion, and makeup image fashion, shoes, and dior image
(leo traits: creative & passionate)
virgo - mini skirts
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(virgo traits: analytical & kind)
libra - floral mini dresses
aesthetic, blue, and car image dress and nails image dress, fashion, and outfit image moda, roupa, and vestido image
(libra traits: gracious, fair-minded, social)
scorpio - hair accessories
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(scorpio traits: resourceful, stubborn & true friend)
sagittarius - puffed-sleeved plaid tops
fashion, outfit, and green image style, outfit, and aesthetic image babe, goals, and cute image fashion, jumpsuit, and outfit image
(sagittarius traits: generous, idealistic, great sense of humor)
capricorn - embroidered tops
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(capricorn traits: disciplined & ambitious)
aquarius - monochrome outfits
fashion and outfit image fashion, pink, and girl image
(aquarius traits: progressive, original & independent)
pisces - painted/diy clothing items
aesthetic, hands, and hard image art, jeans, and style image Mature image fashion, jeans, and style image
(pisces traits: compassionate, artistic, intuitive)

that's it for this article and i hope you guys try out some of these trends!

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i hope you guys all have a great day and an amazing summer,

♡♡ katia ♡♡

This article was written by @omgitskatia on the We Heart It Writers Team.