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It is summertime meaning that is more time to spend with friends and hosting of course the biggest summer party ever! Send out the invites everyone because the party is on!

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Step 1: Pick your day

People are busy in the summer as well so don’t be disappointed if some people can’t make it but the weekend is usually the best time to plan an event. Saturday night’s are alright for a good time!

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Step 2: Pick a theme

Whether you want to go casual or specifically themed to something, get party supplies. For more casual parties, the main supplies are food + drinks and maybe minimal decorations such as fairy lights.
For a themed party, you want to get the essential decor, food, and drinks that match it. If not it can throw off the entire idea of the party but it’s totally up to you.

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Some easy themes are:

Movie Night

A good sound system and projector, move snacks such as popcorn and candy, sleeping bags, and action!
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Neon is a trending theme generally in summer. Bright green, pink, orange, red cups, napkins, bright fruits and vegetables, and a cute backdrop for an instagram photoshoot.

Game Night

Grab some of your favorite groups of friends and get them to bring their favorite board game. The night should get interesting as more games are played and the intensity increases.
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High School Stereotypes

Everyone comes dressed up either jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, geeks, hipsters, etc and act like them for one night. Maybe you’ll get more than you bargained for…

Pajama Party

This one's self explanatory..everyone shows up in their PJs, relax and enjoy the night in comfy clothing.
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Step 3: Spread the word!

Tell your friends, their friends and so on! Get a big crowd and don’t be scared to have a good time.

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Step 4: Food

Whether you buy all your food or decide to make your own dishes, here are some easy recipes for you to try for parties or any special occasion!

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Pineapple Wrapped Bacon (8min)

Simple as it sounds. Cut up pieces of pineapple and wrap them in bacon! Broil, flip half way, and crisp until perfection.

Cheese Quesadillas (10min)

Very quick, simple and plentiful for all. Take 2 tortilla wraps and place shredded cheese between them, melt and serve.

Mini Pizzas (20mins)

Pizza+Party= My Newest Boyfriend! This recipe calls for baguette bread or italian bread, ½ cup pasta sauce, ⅛ pound of pepperoni or salami, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup mozza cheese, and ½ cup parmesan cheese.
Heat your oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit. Place bread on a baking sheet and spread sauce over top side of bread then add cheese. Bake for 5-7mins until melted.
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Step 5: Party Outfit Planning

Of course, since you are the host, you need an amazing outfit to go with your amazing party! Depending on your causality of your party you can go comfy or heels & jeans.

Here are my top 3 party outfits for summer:

1. Simple tank top or cami with jeans

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2. Knit top with ripped jean shorts

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3. Tube top and paperbag shorts

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This article was written by @LexiiBb on the We Heart It Writers Team