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1. adventurous or reliable?

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💕 no. 2 creds to _xaeho on ig 💕
reliable. i need to be able to trust him and confide in him if i need to :)

2. dad material or a career chaser?

alternative, baby, and korean image college, medicine, and study image
dad material. if we were to have kids, i'd want him to care more about the family than his job.

3. dog or cat person?

dog, animal, and puppy image animals and cat image
i don't mind as long as he likes cats 。^・ェ・^。

4. rich in money or rich in mind and soul?

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💕 no. 2 creds to hyeon__e_ on ig 💕
i would like him to have money, but i'd prefer him to be rich in mind and soul.

5. religious?

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💕 no. 2 creds to trustre on tumblr 💕
i don't mind as long as it's okay as i'm not religious.

6. ethnicity/nationality?

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💕 no. 2 creds to chul_eeeee on ig 💕
i would prefer him to be east asian like south korean, chinese or japanese. however, i don't mind if he's not. as long as he's attractive, has a good personality and truly loves me ♡

7. smiling with his mouth or eyes?

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💕 no. 1 edit creds to @wuvshot 💕
i don't mind. i do think eye smiles are adorable though (◜ω◝)

8. full or thin lips?

Image removed aesthetics, boy, and boyfriend image
thin or medium. my face and lips are small, so i'd prefer him to not have full/big lips. i don't mind jimin's size lips, but any bigger i don't think i'd like :)

9. sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?

love, couple, and flowers image couple, ulzzang, and korean image
romantic and sensitive. i love guys who are romantic, i find it really cute! also, i'm quite sensitive so i think it'd be nice to have someone who is like me in that way, so i don't feel like a burden or feel silly.

10. facial hair?

hyunjin, stray kids, and hwang hyunjin image hyunjin, stray kids, and hwang hyunjin image
no. i dislike beards or moustaches.

11. funny or serious?

spongebob, meme, and cartoon image hands, love, and couple image
both. he needs to have a sense of humour. however, if i'm really upset about something i want him to be serious and listen, rather than attempt to be funny and make it worse.

12. tall or short?

couple, asian, and boy image korea image
preferably tall. i'm 5'1 though so as long as he's taller than me i don't mind, even if he is short compared to other guys.

13. eye colour?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It stray kids, han, and kpop image
💕 no. 1 creds to The1st_Black on twt and no. 2 creds to likeastar_hjs on twt 💕
i think blue is so pretty, but i don't mind any colour :)

14. smart or hard working?

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💕 no. 2 creds to nataskalia on ig 💕
either. probably smart though, because i don't want someone to care about their job way more than me and i just get pushed to the back of the queue.

15. boy in soul or manly and serious?

aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image aesthetic, alternative, and asian boy image
💕 creds to lv.oct on ig 💕
manly and serious. i don't want someone who's childish or immature.

16. short, medium or long hair?

black, clothes, and kpop image stray kids, hyunjin, and kpop image
short or medium, as long as medium's like hyunjin's hair in the photo like a cute mullet type thing ♡

17. hair colour?

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💕 no. 1 creds to shoki_h96 on ig and no. 2 creds to seo.rt on ig 💕
i don't mind but i really like black, blonde or brown hair :)

18. freckles?

stray kids, felix, and kpop image freckles, kpop, and lee felix image
i love freckles, they're so cute. but i'm not bothered if they don't have them.

19. long fingers or wide palms?

hands, couple, and aesthetic image couple, hands, and lovers image
not bothered, as long as they're fingers aren't super long because then they just look weird.

20. perfect teeth and smile?

k-pop, smile, and minho image kpop, minho, and lee minho image
i'd prefer them to be perfect, however i don't mind if they have a few imperfections, because mine aren't perfect.

21. noticeable veins on arms/hands?

Image by \ veins, boy, and grunge image
not bothered again haha. i like veiny arms/hands as long as they're not really really noticeable.

22. wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time?

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i like both. t-shirts are good for casual days, but i love shirts and suits too!

23. muscular?

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💕 creds to wonhospic on twt 💕
i don't mind some muscle, but not really muscley because i'm really short and slim lmao.

24. wide shoulders or abs?

abs, christopher chris, and clé 1 miroh era image
💕 creds to 3rd 💕

25. loves to dance or cook/bake?

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i love dancing and i think it'd be great to have a boyfriend who can dance. but i can't cook so i'll go with cooking oof.

26. loves working out/sports or playing video games?

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💕 no. 2 creds to juego viejo 💕
sport. or if they play video games, they don't play 24/7 they only play it occasionally.

27. wears watches or rings?

couple, love, and goals image rose, fire, and red image
i don't mind. i like either, i think they look nice.

28. loves taking you to restaurants or for walks?

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💕 no. 1 creds to hyejin_wb on ig 💕
walks! they're more relaxing and you can just spend quality time together somewhere pretty ♡

29. sweet tooth or crazy about savoury food?

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💕 no. 1 creds to softbeatyacc on pinterest 💕
i don't mind as long as they don't make themselves sick haha.

30. tattoos?

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💕 no. 1 creds to k_93.1.7 on ig and no. 2 creds to kijikush 💕
i like tattoos, but it depends. i don't mind if they have tattoos or not :)
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