4th house leo sun

fashion, laundry, and summer image Image removed girl, pale, and pastel image book, popular, and boy image
platonic lovers, jokes and good fucking music

the taurus rising

cat, girl, and cats image d&d, fantasy, and grunge image boy, fashion, and girl image aesthetic image
games, staying home, early mornings, long talks

6th house libra moon

quotes, aesthetic, and vintage image Abusive image Abusive image aesthetic, wine, and kiss image
skin touch, loud singing, laugh, liquor, freedom

3rd house cancer venus

poem, souls, and love image Abusive image Image by Z. Abusive image
memory, secrets, old romantic movies, travels

3rd house cancer mars

pink, aesthetic, and rose image aesthetic, girl, and vintage image designer, jewellery, and necklace image Abusive image
scented candles, teasing, biggest brat ever