Basic info :

NAME: Bella Donna
BIRTHDAY: December 8th
STAR SIGN: Sagittarius


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Dark black eyes, bronzed skin, dark brown curly hair, 5,2


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The bad bitch in town. she is headstrong and witty, she voices her opinions proud. she doesn't take shit from anyone. She has a very confident and harsh exterior, but inside she doesn't feel much but numb. Bella longs for love and adventure, And to feel something so she may do risky things to feel. Bella loves to party constantly, acting wild and drinking a lot. She loves to sing though she's shy with her talent. She loves spending time with her friends and has the biggest heart of them all but you would never know. Family is the most important thing to Bella.
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Style : everyday style: Bella loves to rock an edgy mix of vintage 90's fashion and 2000's fashion. Lots of plaid skirts and sliver chains also tons of lipgloss.
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Prom: A glamours red dress paired with black heels, a simple necklace, and red lipstick


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She likes to party, hang with her friends and sing


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Allie DUH if we want to live then yes Allie even though Bella wants her house to her self plus Bella hates lexie and will beat the shit out of her

We don't need them in the situation but She would use one if necessary.

Is that even a question? The answer is yes

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Chores Bella mainly sweeps and helps cook she isn't one for garbage duty though

Bella would not be in a committee she would voice her opinions but not be a part of a specific group of people.


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Bella is friends with all these gals mostly Allie they have a love-hate relationship kinda like Blair and Serina. The guard loves Bella because they want her lmao

love interest:

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They hate each other before everything goes down. Harry is a stuck up douche and Bella is a bitchy girl. They have had many public encounters where you can truly see how much they hate each other. But one lucky night they bonded over a bottle of whiskey over there pain realizing how similar they truly are. They are bad for each other but they need each other as cheesy as that sounds. Their relationship is a constant rollercoaster of emotions.


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