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Lista de Op&End de animes (aún tengo muchos por ver pero estos son algunos de los que me han gustado)
wallpaper, pastel color, and bsd image anime, fyodor dostoevsky, and bungo stray dogs image
Lily - Bungo Stray Dogs
mob psycho 100 image anime, manga, and mob image
Gray - MOB PSYCHO 100
anime, kirishima, and all might image blush, manga boy, and manga color image
ODD FUTURE - Boku no hero academia
anime, get backers, and getbackers image getbackers, kazuki fuuchouin, and juubei kakei image
Mister Deja Vu - GetBackers
Image removed anime and bakuman image
Those who fight against monsters named reality - BAKUMAN
anime, anime girl, and bungo stray dogs image anime, screenshot, and yosano image
Kaze ga Fuku Machi - Bungo Stray Dogs
anime, 100, and art image anime, dimple, and manga image
Memosepia - MOB PSYCHO 100
anime, gif, and handsome image anime, gif, and blue exorcist image
Take off - Ao no exorcist
aesthetic, beauty, and chic image pegasus, sailor moon, and chibi moon image
Rashiku’ ikimasho - Sailor Moon S
anime, get backers, and getbackers image anime, ban, and getbackers image
Namida no hurricane - GetBackers
anime, guitar, and manga image anime, beck, and maho image
Hit in the USA - BECK
married, mangaka, and bakuman image anime, manga, and bakuman image
Image by Blue cat anime and nodame cantabile image
Allegro Cantabile - Nodame Cantabile
bungou stray dogs, anime, and dazai image

La playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxbXUMy4kok&list=PLDGuCvw6hIWP61pRTwVGbkSSUgpkA-WOy&index=62&t=0s