first off, my name is mikayla & this is my first ever article on whi. i'm not used to making articles, i was used to making collages, or better known as "sets" on polyvore. sadly polyvore was shutdown without notice in april of 2018 & for the past year i've been trying to find an outlet to post on & i've decided to give whi a shot.

anywho, i've decided to do the abc tag so y'all can get to know me a bit better.

a - age

girl, birthday, and 20 image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫
i am twenty years old

b - best features

hair and braid image makeup, eyes, and eye image
i always get compliments on my red hair & i really love my blue eyes

c - color

coffee, bed, and fall image blue, aesthetic, and paint image
my favorite color is blue, i love just about every shade

d - desire

Image by Ruth fashion, style, and summer image
out of all of the desires i have i'm currently focusing on obtaining my GED & my driver's license

e - everyday starts with

legs, bed, and sun image apple, cover, and electronic image
laying in bed & checking my phone

f - flower

rose, flowers, and pink image belleza, floral, and moda image

g - greatest accomplishment

Inspiring Image on We Heart It wallpaper, background, and flowers image
achieving some of my goals from 2018 & currently 2019

h - hobbies

fashion, inspiration, and love image kitchen image
some hobbies of mine are photography, cooking, spending hours listening to music, fishing, & organizing

i - in love with

disney, dumbo, and elephant image beautiful and pink image
i've always loved elephants & sunsets

j - job of my dreams

school, study, and colors image Image removed
as of right now i want to be a elementary teacher or a counselor

k - kids

family, baby, and goals image family, love, and kids image
i would like to have 4 kids, 2 biologically & 2 adopted from foster care.

l - last thing i ate

pizza, food, and delicious image blonde hair, food, and girl image
pizza, it was good

m - magical power

art, Dream, and feet image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫
i would love to have zafrina's & bella's powers from twilight, create illusions & protective shield

n - nationality

Image removed new york, city, and ny image
i am american

o - one favorite song

justin bieber, idol, and justin image summer, palms, and sun image
life is worth living by justin bieber

p - personality

Image removed sky, planet, and tumblr image
i'm pretty shy when you first meet me but once you get to know me you'll realize i'm an ambivert,which means yes i like to go out & have fun, be creative, & all that jazz like an extrovert but there's also the introvert side of me where i wanna be alone so i can relax & recharge.

q - question you're asked

hair image Image removed
"is your hair natural?" yes, it's naturally red & curly. i swear i'd be a millionaire if i got a dollar for being asked that question along with the other questions that us redheads have to answer.

r - reason to smile

friends, night, and city image cat, animal, and aesthetic image
my small group of friends & my cat

s - sexuality

couple, love, and kiss image couple, love, and goals image
i'm straight

t - tattoos

tattoo, nails, and ring image tattoo, flowers, and rose image
currently don't have any, but i would love to get just a few in the future.

u - underwater animals

summer, sea, and ocean image wallpaper, sea, and stars image

v - vacation destination

wallpaper, la, and los angeles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
there's a lot of places i'd like to go, & one of them is los angeles

w - worst habit

aesthetic, background, and heart image coffee, kids, and black and white image
i have a really bad attitude, i'm working on it though

x - x-rays i've had

hand, quote, and ray image black, bones, and hand image
omg, i've had several i literally couldn't tell you all of them.

y - your favorite drink

dr pepper image dr pepper and mystic messenger image
99.9% of the time i have dr.pepper in my hand or close by

z - zodiac sign

zodiac, astrology, and virgo image aries and stars image
i'm an aries

well this was fun! i definitely have a few ideas for future posts. when will my next post be? i have no clue honestly, it just depends on whenever i free time since i do work & study.

seize the moment,

- mikayla