This has been quite a week! I've been working at my new job that I love, saving money and planning my next moves, and I also started taking medication for my PTSD.

Ah yes, changes in young adulthood can be scary and daunting. But, the road must be paved. This is actually the topic of this week. Enjoying yourself while going through one of the biggest transitions of your life.

As most of you know, I graduated in June of this year from University. For 4 years, I studied criminology and hope to become a police officer in the near future. I have battled with my career choice but came to the conclusion that I want to work in law.

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Graduating university has been joyous but scary all at the same time. The transition from being in school your whole life than going off to wherever the road takes you can leave many feeling withdrawal, wasted time and feelings of not knowing who you are. School has been our personalities for almost 18 years. We are expected to go out into the world bright-eyed and eager with all the information we have gained in these years but are met with the harsh reality that things are much more complex than that.

Unemployed or employed, I felt this sense of being lost and confused. "Is this what my life is now"? "Just working until what? I work more"? I was looking at life through this perspective that this is it for me. As if it was all over; my life was over. But then I thought what life have I lived or allowed myself to?

Change had become something that I did at all costs to resist. It was futile but I held on to it for as long as I could, the past and my childhood. I knew I had to let it go and the step was hard to take.

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Slowly but surely, this week I have been focusing on the true meaning of growth. It's not about how much you make but how you're able to save it. It's not about what you wear but your ability to be humble about it. It's not about changing and change is bad, it's about seeing the good and opportunities that lie ahead.

So this week, I ask all of you to look at something, big or small, in your life that is changing. You may be fearful or prepared, but remind yourself that this is okay. Something beautiful is manifesting here and will always come to the light.

Peace, Love and Light x