hey love

i'm addicted to tattoos, literally. i don't know why i love tattoos as much as i do but i do know i love them because i like how i can take a personal moment, a meaning or a symbol and remember it for life. some may think that tattoos are unattractive or don't bring a good reputation for jobs and shit like that but it's my body, and i'll decorate it however i want

1) teddy bear: i've had my first tattoo decided for 2 years i think, it's simple. i want a teddy bear on my right wrist, more on the side then directly on. it symbolizes how my stepdad always gave me toys growing up. i was a little bit spoiled but he'd come home every night from work and have some sort of gift for me. it was nice

tattoo and melanie martinez image
teddy bear

2) mountains: scenery in general is a really beautiful thing for me. i love looking out windows, amazing views. i grew up in illinois, so we don't have many hills or mountains at all. the site of any land with high alititude catches my attention. and i think it'd be kind of cool to have my own drawing for a tattoo

Image by rue

3) chicago, illinois: i was born and raised in chicago and i love it, it's my home. i decided to get a tattoo of the state of illiinois with the dot of where chicago is on it, chicago is really far up illinois, always my home

city, chicago, and illinois image

4) sun/moon/world: me and my best friend would love to have tattoos together. we met in 8th grade but unfortunately i moved to the swamp world of tampa for sophomore year. luckily i'm moving back. but we always thought about what tattoos we would get together that represent our friendship, i thought of the sun and moon and she added the world part which represents no matter where we are we always connect, i'm the sun and she's the moon:,)

background, nails, and one day image
best friends

5) aquarius sign: is it too basic to get your zodiac sign tattooed on you? who gives a shit. shoutout to all those aquarius babies out there

aquarius, zodiac, and tattoo image
aquarius constellation

6) lavandula flower: i love the smell of lavender which derives from the plant lavandula, and the color makes me feel calm. i love all flower types but lavandula is my favorite, i love the name as well

Image by MadeleineRose99
lavandula (lavender)

and those are some tattoos that would represent important meaning for me. when i'm out of the house and older, and hopefully brave enough for that needle to pierce my skin a thousand times a minute, i'll get my tattoos and have a whole sleeve by then. heart this article if you have tattoos, heart it in general if you love tattoos.

by love