i took inspo from a loooot of articles so i have no idea who to give credits for but yeah.

1 How many playlists do you have?
2 An object that you identify with
3 Favourite 80s song
4 How often do you get Deja Vu’s?
5 Something that makes you smile every time
6 Top 5 cereal brands
7 Your favourite breakfast
8 If you had to eat a candy everyday for the rest of your life, what candy would it be?
9 Something you would want to remember after you die
10 Definition of home
11 You plan your outfits?
12 At what time do you normally get up?
13 An artistic activity or sport you would like to master
14 Favourite ice cream flavour
15 Do you get more texts before going to sleep or right after you wake up?
16 Name that has a bad memories attached to it
17 What do you do while waiting on a line?
18 Some random thought you have gotten in the shower
19 Recent emojis
20 A lyrics you know by heart
21 Have you ever written a poem to someone? If so, what was it about?
22 A part of your body you associate with a memory
23 Favourite color to wear on clothes
24 A quote on a language that is not your birth tongue
25 If you had 10,000 usd to host an event, what event would it be?
26 Your life story in ten words or less
27 A vine quote you think about constantly
28 Would you prefer living with someone you love but doesn’t love you or with some who loves you but you don’t?
29 A celebrity you would give 10/10
30 Laptop or cellphone?
31 Do you own more hoodies or more shoes?
32 A place that reminds you of a good time
33 Four picture aesthetic of your personal style
34 Headphones or earbuds?
35 A movie you have watched at least one time
36 Last compliment you got
37 Would you prefer to live again 2017 or 2018?
38 Three things you do to relax
39 Two things most people don’t know about you
40 Something you would like to be famous for
41 A car you would like to drive
42 Dessert you would eat every day if you could
43 Your thoughts on social media
44 Something you did that got you into trouble
45 A genre you like and five songs of that same genre that you think everyone should listen to
46 Reasons why you don’t finish books/series etc
47 How do you picture a perfect date?
48 The name of your pet (if you have any, obviously)
49 Your favourite clothing store
50 A nickname of yours

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