Since you guys, me included, love zodiac signs I thought "why not find a Billie Eilish song for every single sign." I hope I did an okay job! You guys let me know!! Enjoy ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’ซ

T A U R U S : hostage

aesthetic, flowers, and hope image 19th century, beautiful, and dark image camping, sea, and travel image red, lips, and fire image kendall jenner and model image flowers, aesthetic, and white image

A R I E S : bad guy

girl, alternative, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Abusive image black, girls, and theme image Abusive image cartoon, black, and goth image

P I S C E S : I love you

lana del rey, aesthetic, and ๏ธlana del rey image Image removed cloud, grunge, and holiday image makeup, aesthetic, and beauty image nails image sparkle, aesthetic, and light image

A Q U A R I U S : my strange addiction

bella hadid and model image fashion image 70s, 80s, and beautiful image aesthetic, hand, and mirror image angel, red, and aesthetic image cat, black, and eyes image

C A P R I C O R N : lovely

Inspiring Image on We Heart It cat, green, and aesthetic image flowers, rainbow, and aesthetic image elsa hosk, style, and summer image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Swan, aesthetic, and water image

V I R G O : You should see me in a crown

Image by laila sky, pink, and clouds image sky, sea, and ocean image lips, pink, and makeup image Inspiring Image on We Heart It eyes, retro, and tumblr image

G E M I N I : idontwannabeyouanymore

flowers, aesthetic, and beach image beach, summer, and vintage image catwalk, Gisele Bundchen, and runway image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, luxury, and nature image Image removed

L E O : Bury a friend

aesthetic, city, and car image Mature image quotes, grunge, and sad image Devil, aesthetic, and black image Image by aa Image by {V}

L I B R A : come out and play

blonde, orange, and aesthetic image flowers, sunset, and sky image cigarette image aesthetic, bronze, and honey image art, eyeshadow, and gold image clouds, red, and sky image

S A G I T T A U R I U S : bitches broken hearts

aesthetic, girl, and nike image Inspiring Image on We Heart It baby, wallpaper, and blue image eyes, aesthetic, and blue image snake, green, and animal image billie eilish, bad guy, and billie image

C A N C E R : when I was older

girl, grunge, and icon image Mature image eyes and grunge image Taylor Momsen, music, and the pretty reckless image grunge, aesthetic, and dark image Abusive image

S C O R P I O : watch

Inspiring Image on We Heart It theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It car, fabulous, and fashion image Temporarily removed Abusive image


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