My dream wedding takes place some place in greece, in may.

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my outfit

something new
something old
something borrowed
something blue

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the day before the wedding

I would like it to be a small wedding with my closest friends and relatives, which would mean I have to fly in about 50 people. I would like to rent a romantic hotel, where they can all sleep and of course also where the wedding ceremony and party takes places.

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the morning of the wedding

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after ceremony

right after the ceremony everyone can have some drinks and snacks at the bar, because for everyone, except tthe couple who's getting married, weddings are boring as hell and the only real reason they go there is to get drunk and get good food.

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lunch & dessert

Lunch and dessert will be in the hotel. There's gonna be a buffet with lots of different meals, so that everyone can find something they will love.

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Weddings can be really boring for kids and teens because they are not old enough to drink alcohol.
Lucky for them that my dream wedding takes place in greece. There will be a pool in the hotel and of course we're right next to the ocean. I'm even planning on having a boat trip where all kids and adults if they want to can go turtle watching.

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And if that's not enough to keep everyone satisfied, there will be donkeys that they can take on a short ride to explore the town.

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Dinner actually won't take place in the hotel, but on the beach.

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first dance

I imagine this really beautifully: We'll have our first dance as the sun is setting. The song will be either Cherry Blossom, Yes To Heaven or Bel Air, all songs by my Queen Lana Del Rey.

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There are a lot of traditions in my home country (which isn't greece btw), a lot of these traditions are happening at night, that's why nobody would be going home before 2 am. In most cases the party is actually going on until up to 7 am.

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don't forget to imagine all of these in a greek scenery

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