I didn't think about you for a long time. I used to think that I was getting better. That I could feel love for someone once again.
But, two nights ago I made a nightmare.
Hell, I would be alright if it was just a nightmare.
The worst part is when I woke up.
I realized I still loved you.
And you will never be.

So I kept overthinking since two days. Just thinking about you and what we were actually. And I came to one scary conclusion.
Time erase memories.
I don't remember the sound of your voice, of your laugh.
I still have flashbacks but not as much as I used to.
I guess I should be happy because it means that one day I won't remember anything about you.

Our memories start to fade. How your face exactly look like. The sound of your voice, your laugh. I slowly start to forget us. Our story. My story !
Besides, I won't know anything about your futur either. Even if you are dying, I won't be aware of that. Never.

The most hurtful part is that, I won't ever had the chance to remember or live that again. I don't have this right anymore. I'm slowly erasing your existence from my memories.
And I'm terrified. Because I don't want to forget the person I'm in love with.

At the end, I will be loving nothing. My heart will ache for this nothing.
Which could have been a good thing if I was able to use that love for someone else. But nightmares never ends.

Of course I will forget you. My heart won't. That's what I will be left with. A heart beatting for someone my mind erased.