1. top four groups
stray kids

2. top four male biases
kim minseok/xiumin (exo)
kim jungwoo (nct)
choi san (ateez)
lee felix (stray kids)

3. top four female biases
kim chungha
park jihyo (twice)
kim taeyeon (girls generation)
lee sunmi

4. ultimate bias
kim minseok/xiumin (exo)

5. favorite rapper(s)
lee jooheon/joohoney (monsta x)
lee taeyong (nct)
seo changbin (stray kids)
kim hongjoong (ateez)
min yoongi/suga (bts)

6. favorite vocalist(s)
kim jongdae/chen (exo)
kim taeyeon (girls generation)
kang daeho/gaho
all of ateez vocalists

7. favorite dancer(s)
all five members of a.c.e
kim chungha
kim minseok/xiumin (exo)
kim jongin/kai (exo)
lee taemin (shinee)

8. favorite music video(s)
"you" by xiumin
"all night" by astro
"undercover" by a.c.e
"treasure" by ateez
"blooming days" by exo-cbx

9. favorite choreography
"blooming days" by exo-cbx
"dance the night away" by twice
"hala hala" by ateez

10. favorite debut song(s)
"pirate king" by ateez
"crown" by txt
"replay" by shinee
"into the new world" by girls generation
"the 7th sense" by nct u

11. favorite album(s)
"love yourself: tear" by bts
"treasure ep.3: one to all" by ateez
"love me right - 2nd album repackage" by exo
"love shot - 5th album repackage" by exo
"cle 1: miroh" by stray kids

12. favorite band(s)
the rose

13. favorite soloist(s)

14. first k-pop song i ever heard
"call me baby" by exo

15. a song that makes me happy
"get cool" by stray kids
"millions" by winner
"aurora" by ateez

16. a song that makes me sad
"breathe" by lee hi
"soldier" by taemin
"stay here" by gaho

17. favorite song from my ultimate boygroup
"oasis" and "el dorado" by exo
"utopia" and "treasure" by ateez

18. favorite song from my ultimate girlgroup
"signal" and "heartshaker" by twice
"i just" by red velvet

19. favorite collaboration
"boy with luv" by bts ft. halsey
"don't need your love" by nct dream ft. hrvy

20. favorite song at the moment
"highway to heaven" by nct 127
"fireflies" by nct dream

21. favorite song of 2019
"highway to heaven" by nct 127
"mikrokosmos" by bts"
"fireflies" by nct dream
"snapping" by chungha
"undercover" by a.c.e
"four seasons" by taeyeon

22. a song that i like from a group i don't stan
"eclipse" by got7
"runaway" by pentagon

23. a song i think everyone should listen to
"stay here" by gaho

24. a song i like with a color in the title
"blue rose" by up10tion

25. a song with a number in the title
"21st century girl" by bts

26. a song that reminds me of summer
"really really" by winner

27. a song i never get tired of
"oasis" by exo

28. a song that makes me want to dance
"betcha" by baekhyun

29. a song i always sing along with
literally every ateez song
"take me higher" by a.c.e

30. favorite sub unit

thanks for reading!