Your hands were warm against mine.

We were in-sync, but at the same time, we werenโ€™t. Swaying slowly with the rhythm, your hands were set on me. You kept whispering jokes about certain things around us, but all that really mattered was the feeling of your presence. We were inches apart, and I had to force myself not to lean into your chest. You radiated coziness and you felt like home, catching your scent was like taking a chilly nighttime walk on a beach โ€“ a distant memory.

Then the music came to a halt, as the dancing slowly ended. Without any warning, you untangled your hands from mine and walked away. Reality swiftly dawned upon me, as I became aware of the other people in pairs and the instructor for the dance. With a deep breath, I smile and clapped โ€“ turning in the opposite direction.

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