Hi, beautiful people!
It's already July, well.. almost August but hey, summer is not over yet! I'm sure I'm not the only one who often feels bored during summer so I gathered some activities which make my summer feel special and unforgettable. Hope you enjoy and actually do some of these, cause they're fun and artsy-ish lol.

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1) Listen to a lo-fi playlist whilst.. doing anything!

A good one to start with. You can make a playlist of your favorite summer songs or just listen to an already made lo-fi chill summer playlist. It just has such an incredible vibe perfect for this season. It makes you feel something.. not quite sure what exactly, maybe it's just nostalgia mixed with calmness and hapiness. There are many playlists on YouTube, so check them out!

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2) Go on vacation, destination: to the beach!

Now this is quite obvious, isn't it? The beach is perfect for a family holiday or just for a relaxing time with you and your best friends. If you don't have the occasion to go to the beach, you can swim in a pool.The mountains are also a great idea or.. you can go anywhere feeling like a vacation to you!

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3) Sunbathe in your garden

I love doing this on a hot summer day especially when feeling really bored and having nothing to do inside. Some SPF lotion and a good book, what a moment!

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4) Make lemonade

Want something refreshing on a hot day? A fresh lemonade is the perfect choice. I usually add some lemon juice and lemon, mint, water, ice cubes and sometimes grapefruit, it tastes great! If you're over 18 you can add some.. you know what, other drinks of your choice.

Image by 𝐊𝐄𝐍𝐙𝐈𝐄.

5) Biking and sports

I personaly LOVE biking during summer, it's one of my favorite activities. If you don't like biking, you can practise any other sports and work out with your friends! Going on walks is also so good for you and.. for your dog :))) I find it very therapeutic.

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6) Make fruit salads

I'm probably waiting for summer just so I can have fruit and fruit salads everyday. The good thing about it is that you can add any fruit of your choice, it's very healthy and has a lot of benefits. (this pic is making me crave fruit but its 11 at night so..)

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7) Draw!

Drawing is very calming to me, I do it when I'm stressed, happy or bored. Your inspiration has so limits, so you better do something good with it! Anti-stress books are also great, they keep me busy during summer and they're also very fun!

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I hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you somehow. If it did, let me know! Have a good summer and don't let boredom ruin it.
Thank you so much for taking your time. Stay positive. Have a nice day!!

Much love, Christine Xx