so its day 4 and i kept my promise of posting now on so that's a plus. im really enjoying writing these but i feel they can get a bit boring so i am gonna try to think of a way to spice them up eventually. anyway, here is the original post in case you want to check it out or try this challenge yourself:

so enjoy ig haha :)

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day 4

~What is one thing you hate a ton?~

two words. cliquey. people. literally the worst thing ever. i believe that you become friends with people based off of your personalities not what you look like or what you do bc that's just shallow. there was this girl i was once friends with. she was like the prettiest girl in the entire grade, prob what i would call popular even tho i don't believe in popularity. she was super nice to me and our friends. but, as soon as someone who wasn't pretty enough for her she would just kinda like reject them. it was really sad, they might sit with us at lunch for a few days, tho thru those days she wouldn't involve them in any conversation and kinda just leave them out until they left. i slowly realized what she was doing and soon just left myself. she doesn't talk to me anymore, kinda ,like i was never even involved in a single conversation with them. tho, im ok with it bc i found so many better friends. friends who like me for me and who i like them for them.

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aww thank you sm for reading this article. this topic means so much to me. tho, the thing is i will never prob hate her just the way she acts bc that could change and i could be wrong. but for right now i know im right. on another note, make sure to go check out the rest of the writing challenge ive done and also my other articles. have a good morning/day/night!!

xoxo, siennamadison (losteyess)