As usual a disclaimer before I start the article.
I am NOT a professional hairstylist, hairdresser or anything, I am just sharing my journey with my hair with you.

Please refer to a professional if you have a doubt

Hair Journey

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I've always had long hair. In primary and Middle School, I was always hanging it on a high pony tail, not caring much about it.
On High School I cutted it short, and on College I was back to long hair again. Most of my life it was long and I didn't care much about it.
I bought my first styling tool on my last year of College which means I almost never used heat on it besides when I was going to a hairdresser which is like Two Times A Year

I did try to Dye it once, at the Hairdresser, to get a Grey Ash color on my hair, but I only got split ends and elastic hair because It lost all the keratine. It was then when I started paying attention to it.

I applied Avocado Oil daily to it, washed it carefully, always did masks, but my hair never got better. It was my 2nd time cutting it short.

This year I finished College and Jumped in the world of work. For this big change, I decides to cut my hair (that was reaching my butt) on a super short cut.
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All the times I did cut my hair before, it was never shorter than my Shoulders, but this year, I wanted something new.

New Hair, New Life, New Me

Hair Type

One Year ago, I discovered the SkinCare world, and my skin was never this clear before.
Looking at the big picture of it, The SelfCare world interrested me, Especially for my hair.

I have a Wavy Frizzy Dry Hair

I am planning on keeping the super short hair style for the rest of year, and rock it the way it is. But well, let's be honest, frizzy and super short doesn't really rime

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It was then time to FIND A SOLUTION

Hair Masks

Even though my hair is super short, I still do hair masks to it whetever it's oils or mixtures.
I t doesn't Fix the hair, once the damage is done, it's done. But, it does give a nice boost to the out layer of the hair

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Many people wash their hair wrongly and it can damage it. Shampoo should only be applied to the scalp of the hair, never the length unless you use a hair mask before.

My current shampoo is the Farewell Frizz Smoothing Shampoo from Briogeo
When my hair is Dirty I get dandruff, which means that I also have a sensitive scalp and this shampoo washes everything without damaging it.

I wash my hair once every 5-7 days
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As I said before, my hair is Frizzy and Dry, best combo ever. Using a conditionner was a must !
My current confionner is the Rosarco Repair Conditioner from briogeo
It Smells great, makes my hair really soft and hydrated and it's also not heavy at all. I totally love it !

I leave it on my hair for 5-10 minutes, just the time I wash my body
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After Shower

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After the shower, I dry my hair with a tower without rubbing it

I, then, use the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane from The ordinary. It has a liquidy texture.
I follow it with Lissage Parfait from Myriam K which is a French brand.
It's a Nourishing cream that help reduce frizz. It also provides shine to the hair. It's also a heath protector. Even though I am not going to use heath on it, it helps hold the waves the hair had when it was wet.
It works like Perfection & Heat Protectant Cream from Briogeo

When Dry

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My hair tempt to hold the water in,even though it's short, so I wait patiently until he dry.
Once it's completly dry, I use Avocado oil or Coconuts oil on the end of my hair, and then I follow it with Multi-Peptide Serum For Hair Density from The Ordinary on the roots which is a hair serum to promote thicker, fuller and healthier hair

I use the Ordinary's hair serum on my roots the following days as well after my night skincare routine
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Thank you for reading this article, hopefully it will help you with your hair fight ! See you around, guys !

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