depuis quelques temps je vois le fangirl tag tourné j'ai donc décidé de faire le mien, profitez en bien 😊

Les Séries

Inspiring Image on We Heart It new girl, zooey deschanel, and jess image Image removed Image removed drole, terre, and série image Image removed
Sherlock, New Girl, Medicis maîtres de Florence, Atypical, Miracle workers, Floricienta

Les Films

dirty dancing, movie, and jennifer grey image bridget jones's diary, bridget jones, and Colin Firth image Copyrighted image love actually, hugh grant, and movie image ruby red, movie, and rubinrot image harry potter, ron weasley, and hermione granger image
Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones, Pretty Woman, Love actually, Rouge Ruby, Harry Potter

Les dessins animés

bob, sully, and monstre & cie image dreamworks, home, and oh image волосы, дисней, and огоньки image disney, princess and the frog, and princess image disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image animation, couple, and dragon image
Monstres et Compagnie, En Route, Raiponce, Laprincesse et la Grenouille, La belle et la Bête, Dragons

Personnages féminin

harry potter, deathly hallows, and hermione granger image librarians, lindy booth, and the librarians image after movie, after, and tessa young image samcro, sons of anarchy, and soa image ruby red, saphirblau, and smaragdgrün image zooey deschanel, new girl, and jessica day image
Hermione, Cassandra, Tessa, Gemma, Gwendolyn, Jessica

Personnage masculin

Image removed after, movie, and after movie image Image by A Chucky, sons of anarchy, and michael ornstein image love, bridget jones, and Colin Firth image sherlock and john watson image
Sam, Hardin, Christian, Chuck, Darcy, John


boy, girl, and sons of anarchy image couple, wattpad, and hardin image night shift image 11.22.63, film, and james franco image cute couple, movies, and love image Image by Loredana
Gemma et Clay, Hardin et Tessa, Drew et Rick, Sadie et Jake, Gwendolyn et Gideon, David et Nathalie


Image by Loredana cartoon, night fury, and dreamworks image harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image new girl, jessica day, and 1x23 image Image by Loredana alice in wonderland, beauty and the beast, and cinderella image
Gemma and Wayne, KroKmou et Harold, Harry et Hermione et Ron, Jessica et Cece, Ryan et Kim, Raiponce et Pascal

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