Inspired by:


dog, puppy, and animal image Image by Raya Qusai
Dogs and pandas are the only animals i'll swoon over.


Image removed book, books, and one of us is lying image books, photography, and readers image bed, book, and cool image
All that I can fix, (I finished it yesterday) One of us is lying, A list of cages and Elenor & Park.


aesthetics, blue, and building image animals, dog, and cute image
Blue and grey


food, ramen, and noodles image food image food, crabs, and seafood image food, fries, and yummy image
Soup, salad, seafood and potatoes.

Goals and dreams

love, couple, and hands image boy, cute, and man image travel, Greece, and aesthetic image meme, reaction, and baby image
Be happy, travel, get married, have kids. (In that order (But also have a nice job))


matt damon, good will hunting, and 90s image zac efron, the greatest showman, and hugh jackman image childhood, death, and forever image tom holland, spiderman, and Marvel image
Good Will hunting, The greatest showman, My girl and spiderman far from home.


j.cole and ari lennox image music, mereba, and sandstorm image
R&B and Rap (Mostly some other random genres as well)


yungblud and boy image book, reading, and read image Image by Tee. book, inspiration, and notes image
Music, reading, talking and writting.


Mature image cars, azi, and azlia williams image play station and aliyah simone image ari lennox image
Zendaya, Aliyah Simone, Azlia Wiliams and Ari Lennox. They're all very hard working and I love their personalities.


Image removed girl, aesthetic, and vintage image


Image by beth Image removed Temporarily removed Image by Vio
The Simpsons, Euphoria, Bobs Burgers and Greys Anatomy


fashion, Fila, and red image Image by Hermione Stylinson Image by Psycho Angel coat, jeans, and look image

More pictures to describe me

music, true, and personality image beach, aesthetic, and sky image the simpsons, book, and lisa simpson image shiny, stiletto, and trendy image meme, reaction, and mood image mike and stranger things image spongebob image aesthetic, architecture, and art image gloss, glossy, and lip image outfit image
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