hi, i was bored so i thought i would do this tag bc i love movies

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Favorite movie: Moonlight moonlight was the first ever movie i watched that made me cry, it is a truly beautiful movie. the characters feel like real people and the cast did an amazing job as portraying them. my favorite scene in any movie i've ever watched is in moonlight, the scene where chiron is in the water for the first time. the cinematography and editing is flawless. it is haunting yet pure and beautiful. it shows chiron at his most comfortable for the first time in his life.
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Last movie I watched: Scream 2 i watched this yesterday lol. it wasn't as good as the first one ngl but it was okay.
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Guilty pleasure movie: The Mask i fucking love this movie. i must have seen it 10 times when i was younger. i always loved the concept of the movie and felt the themes were conveyed super well and it's hilarious.
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Favorite classic movie: In the Mood for Love i guess it's not that old but i consider it as a classic because it is probably one the best movies of the 21st century. in the mood for love is so well written and the cinematography is amazing, each shot is breathtakingly beautiful.
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Favorite romance movie: Before Sunrise i love this movie so much it's so cute and AHHh.
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Favorite childhood movie: Bridge to Terabithia i adore this movie so much. this evoked so many emotions in me when i was younger i almost forgot about it before writing this article.
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A movie I dislike which everyone likes: Taxi Driver i watched this like 2 years ago and i found it boring but i still watched the whole thing even tho it was insufferable to watch. the ending was awful. it was simple, unrealistic and conventional and the fact that people praise it as being an edgy and dark movie baffles me. don't get me wrong the acting and cinematography were good but apart from that, i find it to be overrated.
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Movie with an actor I love: Prisoners prisoners and brokeback mountain are my favorite movies in which jake gyllenhaal is in. also, i love his crackhead energy in interviews
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Favorite horror movie: i can't pick one movie for this, sorry. my favorite horror movies are get out, the cabin in the woods and scream. i like when horror movies have a tint of comedy in them, it just makes them more enjoyable and all these movies have comedy present which is well done. i love how these movies are scary yet funny too.
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A movie I have mixed feelings about: the live-action movie of Aladdin was a shit show. the scene where jasmine is being taken away by two men and she starts singing a female empowerment song was laughable. also, in the same exact scene she like makes the guards vanish ??? it was so fucking weird and i was so confused. but like apart from that i kinda liked it like i loved will smith as the genie. also, the bit where they sang the prince ali song was cool like i liked the elephants and all the colour and shit
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Favorite Movie Soundtrack: Menace II Society this soundtrack slaps and the movie is great too you should really watch it. the fact that cane dies was sad like he was about to change and that shit really fucked me up even after watching the movie.
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Movie from the year I was born: Kill Bill vol 1 i'm not a big fan of action movies but kill bill is probably one of the best ngl. it's super over the top, well-acted, and blurs the lines between good & evil when it comes to revenge. kill bill vol 2 was also really good.

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