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Name: Evangeline 'Eve' Rosemarie Falk
Birthday: 9 march – piscies
Place of birth: London, England

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She's very reserved and distance, always watching everything and everyone. She doesn't talk to you unless you talk to her.

She learned that she can't rely on her parents to help her with her problems, as it was always a "trivial thing" as her father used to say.
She tried to impress her father and gain his love and affection by being the best at everything, but as she grew up she realized that her father only wanted her to follow his footsteps and that was not what she wanted.

She learn that having loyal and true friends are better than to be loved by everyone, so she chooses wisely who she allows to get close to her. She would do anything to protect herself and her loved ones.

Always polite and very well educate, always well dressed and knowing how to put on her pureblood mask, she's always complimented for her class and her politiness.


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Blood StatusPureblood

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Old and aristocratic pureblood family.

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Elijah Maurice Falk

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Her father works at the Minitry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries.

Her father is a unknown supporter of Voldemort. Sometimes she asks her mother of her father's decisions and she only looks at her saying that some things aren't meant to be discussed.

Since she was little, her family taught all she needed to know about the pureblood ways - some more acceptable (as etiquette classes and basic magic) and a few not so good on the eyes of Ministry (if they only knew). There's a room in her house that she was allowed in when she turned eleven and was sorted in Slytherin House. Later that year, her father started to teach her more and more about black magic, puting a lot of expectations on her shoulders.

Eve and her father doesn't have the best relationship - she never felt loved by him and always suspects he blames her mother for only giving him a daughter and not a son, as he expected. Her father doesn't really asks Evangeline's opinion when making decisions about her life.

Good example: she's engaged with Nathaniel Nott (Theodore's older brother) since she was too little to remember and her father doesn't want to hear about Eve having acquantances she shouldn't have, as one particular Hufflepuff.

Anastasia Diane Falk

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Her mom stays at home being a good pureblood wife.

Her mother does not talk about her father actions towards their daughter, but Evangeline has a feeling that if it comes down to war, her mother will not follow her husband's footsteps - even if it means to leave him. Evangeline only hopes her mother would take her along.

Even if she's a distance and cold woman in front of everyone, her mother is very caring, always suportive of Eve's decisions, but in secret - they have a very strong relationship.

Hogwarts HouseSlytherin

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WandRed Oak with Dragon Heartstring core, 9 ½" Inflexible
Perfect for duels

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Favorite subjects

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Favorites spells

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Favorite places
the restricted section
Hogwarts express
the Black Lake

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Animagusbarn owl

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FamiliarJinx, a black cat

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Amelia Dion

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They're roomates. Amelia is cold but kind, reminds Eve of her mom. A perfect pureblood princess, she used to tease her friend.

The girls became very close after a few weeks together, sharing the same place and realized that they shared the same family issues - only for Amelia is a little worse, since her mom died giving birth to her and her twin brother. Amelia says her father is very distance and never smiles, never had a caring word for his children.

So they became each others safe place. Someone they could share everything without being judge and found true friendship in school. They're skin and bones and would kill anyone who tried to hurt the other.

Amelia is also the only one who knows about Eve's secret relationship with Cedric Diggory and is always backing them up when suspicious questions are asked.

Giovanni Dion

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Amelia's twin brother.

He's a sweet boy who uses sarcasm as a way of defense. He has the worse relationship with his father since he was sorted in Gryffindor.
They're not so close as Amelia and Evangeline, but they have each others backs if it comes to that.

Favorites teachers
Severus Snape

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Minerva McGonagall

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Remus Lupin

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Love affairCedric Diggory

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They met on third year during Potions class - they were assigned to work with each other that year.

Cedric had heard about Evangeline and her family in the hallways, but had never really talked to her. Eve had never really paid attention to him before, only knew he was the golden boy of Hufflepuff.

They became acquaintances because of the classes and soon started to be more than that - they helped each other in different classes and studied together in the library during free periods.

During fourth year they became friends and more closed each passed month - until they were meeting in secrecy in empty classrooms and other secret places in the castle, they couldn't risk anyone knowing about them.

They still have a strong relationship, even if it's a secret. Cedric understands the situation upon Eve, many times he would she bruises on her cheeks and arms, and knew about the shaking and the nightmares she has because of after effects of long exposure to some curses.

He cares for her and she cares for him. Even if no one talks about them in the hallways, a the professors and some other students sees the glances and the caring in their voices when talking about the other.

Amortentia Scentsold parchment, butterbeer, pumpkin pasties and the ocean

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She always wears her hair braided diffents ways outside the dorms. Uses the regular Slytherin uniforms during classes, but her skirt is a little shorter than it should be. Apart classes period she’s always with high heels and different clothes, always well dressed – just like her mom taught her.

Yule Ball

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