Whatever dream you have, what you are aiming for the next three years, what you are hoping for… are all possible. Yes, you can make happen. So, stop looking for answers or waiting for someone just to say yes.
You already know the answer. If you think you can, then you can, honey. On the other hand, if you are unsure or unconfident about something you’re about to do, then you’re likely to fail.
Sometimes you just go out there and make it happen. Waiting doesn’t get you anywhere. Before we take any kind of action, sometimes we already make the decision whether we can or not. If you already chose not to try, no matter how your body works it just doesn’t go right. Because your mind had gotten a command to refuse. Be careful what you think, wish or choose.
We’re the result of our choices. Quit blaming others for consequences of your choices.
Declare to yourself this year, month, week, today, this youth you can only have once, to be the best one! Make the hecking best of it. Enough with acting like a baby! Enough with thinking you are not enough. Time to spread your wings and fly anywhere the hell you want. Let sky is only limit.
As mentioned above, you know you can. It’s time to prove it. It’s time to make it reality not in your daydream anymore. We know Walt Disney said ‘If you can dream it, you can make it’ which is sure true. This only works if you put all your hard work into action and grind tirelessly everyday.
Remember who you wish to be when you were a kid. Remember that person you wanted to be. Remember that naive childhood dream. Don’t let society fits you in. Don’t let others tell you what you are dreaming is not possible. It’s their reflection, not yours. Their mind is that limited, narrow. Show them what you can, you can be anyone if you want to.

You decide who you become. Make sure you are happy with the person who you are becoming-matters the most.
You don’t need all those motivational books, movies, lectures, podcasts or whatever to remind you that you have abilities to make your dreams reality. You can! Period. Now, get moving.

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