My go to playlist is 'Never a bad choice'. I created it a few months ago and I still listen to it daily. Maybe you'll find some new songs for your playlist, too!

1. Just Dance - Lady Gaga

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Just such a throwback song.

2. Silly Love Songs - Wings

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This one's got a very happy, retro/vintage vibe.

3. If I get my Way - Little Mix

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4. Voyage Voyage - Desireless

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I don't actually understand a lot of this song - since it is in French - but I love it never the less.

5. Lose yourself - Eminem

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Who doesn't feel badass when hearing this song?

6. Harry - Kelsy Karter

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I needed some time of getting used to it, but now it is one of those songs I NEVER skip.

7. Soldi - Mahmood

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This was Italys song for the 'Eurovision Song Contest' and I fell in love with it.

8. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Abba

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After seeing 'Mamma Mia!' live, I really got into this.

9. Easier - 5 Seconds of Summer

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Is it easier to stay, is it easier to go? I don't wanna know...

10. Get free - Major Lazer & Amber Coffman

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Sounds like it belongs into a summerplaylist, but actually covers an important topic.

Of course there are more than ten songs in my playlist, so if you want me to write a second part, give this this article a like/heart!

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