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7. Fleabag (2016 - 2019)

Fleabag is a British TV series with two seasons and 12 episodes in total, and I have to admit, I saw them all in one day because it was so hard not to watch. It's different than the series I've reviewed here before. It's a story about a woman, Fleabag, in her 30s and about her life in general, love life, family, job, struggles and every problem that many modern women (and men) face every day. What makes it special is dark humour, very dry and kind of painful. She faces every situation with a smile on her face, trying to avoid inevitable and inescapable facing it with a serious face alone behind locked doors. She's just very confused and really is trying her best, you can't help but love her and feel for her, no matter what. I found myself thinking that I would never do things the way she does, but I never judged her.

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As a very sexual being, she uses her sexuality basically to escape awkward situations and she thinks she's living her best life but in reality every time it's hurting and it doesn't do justice to anyone, let alone a lonely girl with problematic family. Her mother died, she has a sister who's career driven and very cold, uptight, pretending all the time, but Fleabag refuses to depend on her family and wants to be independent, and when you look at it from a different perspective, she is incredibly strong. Fleabag's sister Claire is married, and her husband is a disguisting man, just a toxic person you don't ever want to meet. Two sisters are struggling to maintain communication but it's hard not to fall aparat from time to time, ever since their father married their awful godmother and all in all, it's not an enviable living situation.

To make things worse, her best friend commits suicide and she's facing it alone, turning to dark humour all the time, but her thoughts just gravitate towards her late best friend, cause it was such a pivotal moment. Considering how sad and full of grief her life is, the show is extremely fun to watch and I felt guilty for laughing.

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Fleabag usually turns around, looks at the camera (read looks at you ), and she speaks to all of us, so I felt involved all the time. Fleabag and her sister are both very interesting characters, layered and complex. Not so much in the first season, as much as in the second we get explanation for Claire's behaviour and her character is so funny that even if you dislike her at first like I did, you'll love her later.
Second season was a pleasant surprise for me, Fleabag gets involved with the Priest, and I believe that he is the only men so far who understood and loved her truly because he saw her for who she is. Their romance is so complex despite being so short lasting, I enjoyed watching her grow and setting on a journey to rediscover herself and find her very on spot under the sun.

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My advice is that you reserve one day only for watching Fleabag, because once you start you won't be able to stop.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge gives us such a strong and emotional performance, extraordinary combination of comic and tragic like I've never seen before, I realised how underrated she is. Also, Andrew Scott, Olivia Colman, Brett Gelman, Sian Clifford and many others made it seem so irresistible to watch.

I loved every aspect of it, the plethora of different personalities and repercussions of people's life choices, their dialogues and monologues, stages of grief, resistance and then succumbing to pain and accepting things the way they are. It leads us to finally realize the lessons life makes us learn. I recommend it as 10/10, it's deffinitely worth your time.

8. Dark (2017 - )

Dark is a German TV series, the first German-language Netflix original series and it's a science fiction/mistery/thriller/horror/drama series that takes place in a town named Winden,that I believe is fictional.
It has two seasons and 18 episodes in total, I'm not completely sure but I assume there will be more, I'm at the edge of my seat because I shit you not - this is one of the most complicated, most mind blowing TV series of this genre in the last 10 years. My initial thought is "Oh this is something like Stranger Things." To be fair it is. But it takes a much darker turn right after the first episode and if you do dare watch it, I suggest taking a piece of paper and a pen and start taking notes. Why? Cause you won't be able to catch up with all the timelines and characters if you don't pay attention. I mean, you can but... It's easier to follow.

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One day, in Winden, Germany, a child went missing after a few kids (teens) had gone to the woods late in the evening. The point is, this boy Mikkel is not the first child that disappeared. As the mysterious events start to unfold, some cases of missing children from the past turn out to be very similar to the ones in the present. The first episode is set mostly in 2019, but as the series progress things happen in 1986, 1953 and in 1921. It turns out that the cave system beneath the local nuclear power plant is a wormhole and people can travel in time, but only travel 33 years in the past, or 33 years in the future. A lot of people are affected by and involved in these bizarre happenings, they're all connected in the most unimaginable ways. Some of the things happening are quite inexplicable and hard to understand but you'll manage. Four families and four generations are fighting their demons, fighting themselves and trying to figure out where have all their loved ones gone. Or when?

If I say more than I should, I'll spoil all the fun and I don't want to ruin great revelation points, so I'll refrain myself as much as I can.
There are no truly main characters, only the ones that appear more important than others. Jonas Kahnwald is a teenage boy who is the last one to see this missing boy Mikkel, and Ulrich Nielsen is Mikkel's father, a police officer whose brother Mads is also a missing person since 1986.

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It's a complex story that explores not only a concept of time traveling but also family secrets, affairs and schemes and more. It's a simple life in a small town that usually serves as a great inspiration for a complex story and it's often used in narration and story building, but you can never get bored, to be honest. If you liked Stranger Things, this is a story for you.

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Actors are great, I'm not familiar with German cinematography even tho I watch a lot of European movies and TV series, but I can say they are doing an incredible job (I hope they're filming another season). You won't be disappointed, just be prepared for it to not make sense. Great theme song, captivating scenery and very eery and dark photography, I loved it cause it's kind of opposite to the storyline, so simple yet fitting.

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