welcome back my lovely sweethearts and sweet hearters! ;D

today i will show you a great meditation practice to achieve a whole new level of mindfulness and grow your awareness for all of life :)


  • whenever and wherever (unless you're flying a plane or something lol)
  • it only takes some seconds up to some minutes of your time
  • anyone can benefit from it, a meditation newbie as well as mindfulness pro


  • maximize your focus in any aspect of life (communicating, learning, working, having fun ...)
  • to develop emotional mastery and eliminate suffering
  • gain self-control
  • increase fulfillment
  • experience reality on a whole new level
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the following technique is based on a buddhist approach to mindfulness and the information i'm referring to is by shinzen young, a meditation teacher, and leo, a great guy with an amazing youtube channel called "actualized.org" where you can seriously find all the information and knowledge to create the most extraordinary life for yourself c:

i'm not kidding, watch like three of his videos and you will already feel your mind and your awareness for life growing. watch this and thank me later! ;)

for anyone who doesn't want to invest 50 minutes in his mental and spiritual growth (which i totally cannot understand), here's the short version and a simple step-by-step tutorial:

𝓵𝓮𝓽'𝓼 𝓭𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼!

this practice consists of cycles, each round takes about 10 seconds.
for every cycle you pick an "object" or sensation towards which you will lead your whole attention.

the one golden rule:
don't judge, just perceive!
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outer perceptions:

\\ SEE with your eyes (physical things around you, like an appleor a lamp...)

\\ HEAR with your ears (sounds like birds chirping outside)

\\ FEEL with your body (physical sensations in your feet or even your heartbeat inside your body)

inner perceptions:

// SEE with your visual imagination (any inner pictures you see, like food, faces..)

// HEAR the words of your thoughts (the voice inside your head)

// FEEL your emotions like any other sensation, don't comment on them or judge them

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find a comfortable place to stand, sit or lay down and let's do our first mindfulness meditation together :)

1) find an object / sensation in your present awareness.

2) silently label it by one of the three channels of perception, note if it is hear, see or feel.

3) savor the experience, take in the raw perceptions that are there, take that in exactly as it is right now in the present moment.
do that for 5-7 seconds.
don't engage in any judgments, conceptualizations, or stories about the object, you should only be concerned about what’s actually literally there in your present awareness.
only the real perceptions, let any other thoughts about the object go.

...and after about 10 seconds you can pick a new object and repeat the cycle :)


  • If more than one phenomena comes up simultaneously, just focus on whichever one you want. Usually whichever is most salient, and drawing the most attention from your mind.
  • If the phenomena disappears while you’re running a cycle, just noticed that it stopped, and you can also savor the memory of it that you have.
  • If you don’t really know what a phenomena is, that’s okay. You’re allowed to guess and you don’t need to be 100% accurate with your labeling. And its even okay if you mis-categorize something. Go with your best guess. And over time, as you practice mindfulness for weeks and months, you will get better and better and then you will not have these doubts anymore.
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<<<<<<<<🅣🅘🅟🅢 >>>>>>>>

→ Do this practice daily. 10 - 20 minutes is recommended every single day.

The only hard thing about it is: are actually going to do it?

→ This is probably the most important skill that you can develop as a human being because this is how you interface with reality—it’s your senses. If you’re not mindful of what you’re perceiving, you’re basically not mindful of reality, and you’re living in your imagination. You need to see and understand reality for what it literally is.

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so that was my favorite way of mindful meditating, i hope you like it :)

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