hello everyone 💫

- I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, i am looking for any good romance films to binge watch tonight so if you have any to recommend pls messages me them ! i will probably look on peoples articles too

D A Y 16 - List your favourite ways to relax


couple, music, and boy image bart, the simpsons, and dance image
definitely, listening to music


bedroom, room, and interior image aesthetic, sky, and window image
sitting by my window whilst getting fresh air


golf, jasper, and tyler image skateboard, friends, and grunge image
skating or just going to the park with my friends


the simpsons, book, and lisa simpson image girl, pool, and summer image
i like to read normally if i am in the car or on the bus, every night i read wattpad books tho


aesthetic, bambi, and beige image aesthetic, asian, and cafe image
i go to starbucks a lot if i hae time and i also find eating out with my friends relaxing

thanks for reading x

- T