hi hearters! this article was inspired by many others on here and I decided to do one, too! Everything was made up by myself :) hope u enjoy! sorry if it is a bit long, i loved doing this and had so many ideas :) i put a lot of work into this.
let's start!

Title: By the moon
Genre: Indie/Alternative, Pop/RnB
Tracks: 13

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Track 1: As Air (upbeat/slow) // 2:20

aesthetic, Dream, and girl image aesthetic, black, and city image
-a song about being wild, free and connected to nature// lyrics: "Oh, and we can fly, just as air, in a starry night"

Track 2: Love meets Boys (feat. Troye Sivan) (slow/upbeat) // 3:57

aesthetic, black, and dark aesthetic image girls, neon, and theme image
-a song about gay love // lyrics: "Wander 'round places of love, don't wonder 'bout boys loving boys"

Track 3: Can do better (upbeat) // 4:02

society, grunge, and blame image Image removed
-a song about how society tries to change people lyrics: "Don't be a fool, you can do better, better than their faces on screens coul ever"

Track 4: Teen (slow) // 3:09

aesthetic, alone, and alternative image grunge, sad, and aesthetic image
-a song about a person that is ignored by the one they love // lyrics: "Do me a favour, give me something"

Track 5: On both feet (upbeat) // 3:35

Image by blabla Mature image
-a song about standing up against bullying // lyrics: "You kept laughin' at me, talking 'bout me, but this time you will let me be!"

Track 6: Lights out (feat. BANKS) (upbeat) // 3:59

aesthetic, alternative, and dirty image black, creature, and dirty image
-a song about a girl that seems nice at day, has dirty fantasies at night // lyrics: "Kisses her hand, passionately, pretending it's the boy of her dreams"

Track 7: Suffering Imagination (slow) // 2:57

stars, hand, and space image human, imagination, and purple image
-a song about pretending to be in love with someone that is unreachable// lyrics: "Drag them real deals away from me, all I need is you and your unreal love for me"

Track 8: Process (feat. Ariana Grande) (upbeat/slow) // 3:12

aesthetic, black and white, and confidence image self love image
- a song about developing self-love and confidence// lyrics: " That state, that state seems so far away, but you'll get there, step by step and day by day"

Track 9: Shape shifting (upbeat) // 3:55

art, lashes, and makeup image girl, moon, and lonely image
-a song about feeling like you're not enugh to be liked by the one you adore; wishing to be someone else// lyrics: "And I hope soon, all that I am is gone from me, all that I want to be can set me free, shape shifting in my dreams"

Track 10: Hidden (slow) // 1:26

Image by becky simpsons, world, and quotes image
-a song that is just sad// lyrics: "I hide my smie, can't show my pain, my only friend seems to be the rain"

Track 11: Hawling people (feat. Nicki Minaj) (upbeat) // 4:03

ghetto, money, and tattoo image 90s, linda evangelista, and party image
-a song about sex, money and parties// lyrics: "On the floor rolling, got the people hawling, looks like I won't be sober 'til the morning"

Track 12: Heavenly (night lights) (feat. Jaden) (slow/upbeat) // 5:01

drunk, boy and girl, and tumblr image late nights, huji, and sunset image
-a song about someone rich that runs away from home, meets new people and enjoys life// lyrics: "Having anything you want, but missing cold air when it's dark. Wishing, secrets, smoking blunts, that fancy life left no mark"

Track 13: We will try again (slow) // 4:12

aesthetics, background, and buildings image love, boys, and gay image
-a song about my first real love// lyrics: "You never judged me for my words, loved me as I am, and baby if you're ready, we will try again"

whew! this was it. i hope u enjoyed :) this project was very fun and if you want me to do a second one, just give it a heart!
ok i love u very much! bye xx