Face Masks are an important step in the SkinCare world, but not all masks does the same things


As I said on the previous Care series articles I made, I have an Acne Prone Skin which means I have pimples on my face

Pimples are made by the Dead Skin and Sebum that gets into the pores

Exfoliating my skin is them a Must to avoid new pimples. I tried Physical Exfoliation for Years and it only made my skin worse instead of helping it like it was supposed to.
I gave up on Exfoliation until I discovered the Chemical Exfoliation

I recommend you check this article to know more about the subject
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I exfoliate my skin Once a week , never more, even when a product says "can be used daily", with aha 30% + bha 2% peeling solution from The Ordinary

The first month I used it, I didn't exceed 5 minutes, when my skin got used to it, I kept it for 6 minutes. Now I am at 8 minutes but remember to never overreach 10 minutes !

Since I am working, and mostly only meet my friends on weekends, I exfoliate my skin every Friday Night.
I will be making a Friday Night Routine and a Pumper Routine pretty soon

Clay/Mud Masks

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The main difference between the two is that mud is a skin-healing agent, while clay is a cosmetic, drying skin agent.
Clay masks are most useful for someone who has oily skin and is prone to breakouts of acne and blemishes.
Mud is water-based, so the product in mask form is more hydrating than drying. A mud mask is more beneficial to someone with dryer, more dull skin

Depending on how is my skin looking or feeling like or which season are we on, I switch between them.

I use the Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask from skin79 once a week on Sunday Nights or during the week when I feel my skin needs it. Never more than Two Times a week otherwise it dries my skin too much.

I also use Cucumbers Cooling Mud Mask from Yes To more often during Winter Time or a Stressing period

Sheet Masks

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If I would choose One Type of masks to use for the rest of my life it will be this one.
I can use one daily after washing my face instead of my serum while making dinner, then taking it off and locking the Moist in with my Moistrizer

I don't have a favourite brand but I would recommend Sephora's ones. Not expansive and does the job pretty well.

For better results, keep the masks on the refrigerator. Your skin will thank you

DIY Masks

I used to do a lot of DIY masks with natural products and stuff like that, it sure helped, but I didn't see many results.
I don't use any DIY masks lately but I recommend those articles if you are interrested on the matter

I hope you enjoyed this article, If you have any question about the products I use don't hesitate to pm me anytime.
See you around guys !

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