Hi beautiful people!

At this very moment it's Friday evening while I'm writing this. I had a lazy day doing nothing after weeks and weeks being very busy. It's rewarding to have these kind of days but these days also makes me overthink a lot.

So I was scrolling down on apps on my Phone like Instagram (where I'm very active), Pinterest and We Heart It and it made me realise how inactive I am in this community. I do heart posts here and there but I'm not as active as I used to be like last year. Last year was my "We Heart It year" as my account grew a lot. So I questioned myself: How did this happen? Why am I not as active as I used to be? What has changed?

To be honest I don't quiet know the answer but sharing my honest feelings and thoughts with you might make it more clear.



I created my WHI account back in 2014. We Heart It started to be very popular at that time. It was a nice place to get some inspiration and save and share the things you love. I used it now and then and didn't really post things but I did heart A LOT.

I think I reached a 100 followers when 2015 approached. It as that time where We Heart It had no algrithm and the explore page was the place to be. I got so many inspiration from simple pictures about nice sneakers, hats and relatable quotes. There was no pressure at all and sending postcards wasn't really a thing.

In 2016 I started using collections and then I realised how WHI actually works. As I added more posts to my collections I started gaining more followers. This gave me motivation to be more active and heart and collect everything I liked. I didn't really had a theme and just hearted what I saw and wanted to reshare.

That's when I became part of the community. At the beginning of 2017 I discovered there was this thing called "a heartist". I started talking to other hearters and I started uploading my own content. Again, just posts that I liked and didn't had a theme yet.

Till 2018. Articles were a new thing. Something that grew very fast. My first ever article got lot of recognition and my account grew a lot faster and I reached over 4k followers. BUT that's when the changes started to really come in.

These changes affected my way of using WHI. WHI became something different and I'm going to discuss these differences and why it turned me off from using it less in 2019.

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This pressure hit me hard cause I also had this goal: become a heartist. I tried for 3 years and didn't get one till february this year! I felt so good and I was so happy but after getting the badge I just dissapeared. I achieved my goal and my passion for WHI had gone away. To be honest, I felt this pressure of staying active, posting all the time, keeping the theme and writing A LOT OF ARTICLES slip away.

There was this pressure of being on WHI 24/7. The pressure of having a perfect account with the best posts, articles and all these things. I kinda forgot how it was to be a small carefree hearter. I forgot the true meaning of this platform.

I do regret being this inactive cause I care about my supportive followers and friends I made and as a heartist, people want to see more of me. WHI wants to see more of me. And I... got scared.

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Yes I know, a lot of hearters talked about this in articles and we all know the algorithm has changed… a lot. From seeing the best posts that were all amazing on the explore page from getting this mash up from different posts from 2 years ago and all sorts of weird stuff, made me stay away from it. So I started following a lot of amazing accounts and started finding the best posts at the home page (where I never been to back in the "old days".)

This algorithm didn't motivate me at all so I the fun of posting content vanished away.


All the things I just summed up aren't the only reasons whay I was so inactive on this platform. I just had a few busy months. This was my first year of college, I participated in a musical, I've a student job, I'm a Disneyland Paris annual passholder,...

My mind was on many other things than WHI and doing all these things at once is very time consuming. I love being busy but this makes it hard to prioritize.

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I hope you guys understand this and get Why I was so inactive last year. BUT I do want to grab that motivation again and make a Fresh start in this community but I'm not changing anything. Starting a new adventure doesn't mean you need to change. You need to stay true to yourself and just find that motivation again to restart something.


Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped and inspired you! It means so much to me that people like to read what I post and it really motivated me to keep going. You are the best!

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and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you!

Lots of Love,
Mimi xoxo