There is a lot of complicated diets and rules around food but we ain't got time for that, am I right. What I will give you are 5 simple easy food swaps you can incorporate in your every day that will result in huge results. It's not the one-off great things that will get you the results you want but the small things you do consistently.

So here are the 5 swaps give them a try :

1. Fruit-infused water instead of soda.

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My favourite is lemon water but you can experiment with any combination you like, go nuts. A quick tip - you can use fruit herbal teas to make your fruit water. Fill a jug with water, add some boiled water onto the teabag just to activate it and put it into the jug and let it diffuse overnight. I then put it into the fridge for a chilled treat.

2. Wholemeal bread and pasta

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This is quite self-explanatory. At first, you might not enjoy the taste as the refined variety but with time you will get used to the wholemeal kind and you will find yourself gravitating towards it more often.

4. Fruit instead of dessert

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Summer is the best time for this. Chop up some strawberries, some watermelon, a couple of slices of apple and your sweet tooth will be satisfied. Since I switched from taking some chocolate after a meal to taking a piece of fruit, I noticed a huge difference in my weight and my overall energy, so give it a try.

6. Low-fat dairy

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Tip - add some honey to some low-fat natural yoghurt and it will make it 10 x as good while giving you the amazing health benefits of honey ( will do a dedicated article on this soon ).

7. Oatmeal instead of cereal for breakfast

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Oatmeal is quite easy to make; just add some oats in a microwavable bowl, add a little almond milk enough to cover the oats and then just add a little more - the more you add the creamier it gets. Then put in the microwave and heat up. I heat it up for about a minute and 20 seconds but it depends on your microwave and the consistency you prefer. Play around with it and find what's best for you. If this article gets enough hearts will do a video demonstrating how I do my oatmeal. Once it is done I add some honey and some natural low-fat yoghurt and garnish with fruits and nuts on top. I also add some chia seed (their health benefits are unbelievable ). Then just enjoy it with a cup of tea and some quiet me-time.

I suggest doing these one at a time and try the next one when you feel comfortable with the others but do what feels best for you and your overall wellbeing. Remember that these swaps will not only help you lose weight but also feel great and I am more about the way we feel rather than the way we look. So remember that you are doing these swaps for you and your wellbeing not the approval of those around you.

Love you all, will return with the next article in this health series next Wednesday. Don't forget to follow me if you love my content and feel free to go through any of my previous articles.