Hi! I've been using WHI for a really long time now, but never introduce myself. And since the number of my followers starts to grow, I decided that it's time to get acquainted. So here is my new article that I hope will help you to know me a little.

A // Age

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I'm 23 y.o.

B // Best Feature

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I will say kindness. It's just easier for me to say and do something good to people than to be rude.

C // Color

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I really like pastel colors. But late I've been into this light blue.

D // Desire

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I want a family. Loving husband, couple kids and a doggie. Simple.

E // Every day starts with

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Shower and cup of coffee.

F // Favorite Show

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How I met your mother. You can't imagine how I LOVE this show. Every time I'm watching it, it feels like homecoming.

G // Greatest Achievement

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Graduating from uni and getting my first job, that I love so much.

H // Height & Hair Color

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I'm 5'6 and my hair color is brown.

I // In Love With...

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Reading. And my cat (no, I'm not a crazy cat lady. Yet)

J // Job of My Dreams

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Always wanted to be a vet. But I'm too sensitive for this work.

K // Kind of Guy & Kids

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Loving. And caring. He must be not afraid to take responsibility. Hope we will have connection and understand each other perfectly. My ideal relationship - Jess and Gabriel Conte.

L // Learn

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Hope one day I will learn how to draw. And also recently I want to learn a guitar.

M // Magical Powers

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Since I'm a "Harry Potter generation", I would want to have a wand. It's not a real power, but...

N // Nationality

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I'm Russian. Born and living in Moscow.

O // One Wish

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I wish all animals can live without hurt from people.

P // Person You Last Called/Texted

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My mom.

Q // Questions I'm Always Asked

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"When will you get married?"

R // Reasons To Smile

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Friends. Music. Cute animals. Nature.

S // Sexuality

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I like boys.

T // Tattoos

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Don't have any. But maybe one day.

U // Underware

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Prefer something sexy.

V // Vacation Desinations

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Want to visit Italy and London some day.

W // Worst Habit

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X // X- Ray

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Hands and teeth

Y // YouTubers

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Jess and Gabriel Conte.

Z // Zodiac Sign

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Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy. And feel free to text me if you want.