Sometimes I drink to forget you, you and all your so perfect features. I seem to be forgetting myself more but the memories of you are so clear in my drunk mind. I will wake up tomorrow morning with a banging headache and a face full of smudged makeup but you will still be lurking in the back of my mind. I can drink enough to forget the events of the night but you are still there. I role over in hope that you have decided to come back… back home. But all I am left with is my own baggage: Rent, Loneliness, work and my clouded mind. Who could love my sober self.

Drinking alone hurts the most. I drink to forget you but then I have to drink more to numb the pain. I am still hurting and drinking is a temporary fix till the morning comes. It’s when you’re alone and you realise you have no one to turn to. Not a single shoulder to cry on is when it really hurts and you slowly start to forget yourself. Wash away all your thoughts and feelings with the cheapest bottle of vodka you could find.

Maybe I am in love with the drunk version of you that I depict in my head. Maybe you weren’t good for me at all but try telling my drunk self that because I would rather fly than cry.

— Drunk Love —