The cover image is of me after a long day in a new country, a new area finding my way around without any guidance except google maps.

This day I walked around all over Lautoka, Fiji Island to get my Fijian passport renewed. My passport expired in the 2000's and my parents or I never thought of renewing it since we immigrated to USA back in 1996.

Now, I have come back here to actually know how the lifestyle is in Fiji as I was not even a year old when I left this country. Anyways, I walked a lot in the heat without anyone's help because some people were selfish and not helpful. This gave me independence and my husband supported me as to giving me advice and me letting him know I was safe. Since my husband was at work, I had to go to a different town and find my way to the immigration office.

I was uncomfortable, but I was proud of myself that I continued and pushed through in a different country to guide myself in getting my passport and getting myself admitted to University here.

This was my first time traveling alone without my husband and I was a bit afraid, I felt like crying because of the running around especially without a car and it was hot. Yet, I managed my way through and I am glad I did.