One day, when I'm done traveling the world, I want to settle down in a little cottage. I will live there with my husband and maybe a kid or two.

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I want it to be an old little cottage next to a river, bonus points if the house also has a watermill.

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It should be in or next to a forest.

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I would also have a big garden, where I can plant herbs, flowers, berries and trees.

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I would love to make jam and other homemade stuff from my plants.

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I grew up on a farm, so having some animals wouldn't be a big challenge for me.

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I would spend my free time with baking and cooking...

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and painting.

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But the part that I'm most excited for, is raising children and having my own family.

I would play with them...

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let them help me with the animals, cooking and housework...

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go pick berries and mushrooms in the forest...

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go on picnics with them...

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watch cute movies with them...

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and read bedtime stories until they fall asleep.

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One day I would even like to write and illustrate a book for children, the story would take place in my house with the watermill.

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(Fantasy Art - Magic Places 2 | via Facebook)