Q: Write about happiness.

Happiness is the feeling that thrives inside of my aching bones every time my eyes lay upon your angelic blue ones.

I smile and know I am safe within your arms.

That you will put my safety above all, even yourself.

I wonder what I ever deserved to love and be loved by someone like you.

I radiate off your love and constantly feel a sense of happiness surround my aura as you come into mind.

Before you life was so bleak - black and white and now all I can see is multiple rays of colours bursting at me from all angles.

I never thought this type of love, adoration and happiness was humanly possible.

There were many, many things I didn't know were there until you gracefully waltzed yourself into my life and changed everything for me.

Your happiness and the happiness you continue to express for me everyday is something I will forever be grateful for.

As long as you will allow me,

I will continue to look up into your angelic blue eyes with nothing short of a small representation of all the love and happiness you have filled my heart with as the years have passed.