Hey hearters!

The WHI Mag team is soon back from an unannounced hiatus and we’re kicking things off with a fun challenge. We know this time of the year is vacation time for a lot of people so we’re doing a holiday/vacation themed challenge!

flowers, girl, and orange image

How to enter:
We have two methods to enter and anyone can choose to do just one or both, we’ll be choosing our favourite from each category:

Write an article describing your dream vacation
✩ Must have at least 3 photos
✩ Can’t be more than 1500 words
✩ No stolen content (instant disqualification)

Make a collection filled with photos with the central theme of a holiday/vacation
✩ Must have at least 10 photos
✩ Max of 200 photos

beach, summer, and girl image


✩ Do not steal anyone else’s written content and claim it as yours, if we find out you will be disqualified
✩ Use the hastag #WHIMagVacay in your articles and posts
✩ You can message us with the link to your entry or with questions but asking to win or spamming us is not allowed!
✩ The winners will be featured on our August issue of the magazine